Interior Doors

Interior Doors
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Evangelos Pantazis technical office presents LAMINATE interior doors, an excellent choice for the interior design of your space. Combining functionality and aesthetics, LAMINATE doors offer durability and aesthetic performance that exceeds expectations.


Door Construction: The door frame is wooden, FINGERJOINT type, filled with HONEYCOMB stabilizing core for light but durable construction. The door is covered on both sides with 4mm thick MDF for strength and aesthetic performance.

Frame Construction: The frame is made of plywood and the sill is made of plywood, ensuring durability and stability in installation. The adhesives used are two-component (polyurethane), confirming the construction's resistance to moisture and climate changes.

LAMINATE interior doors from the company "D. & D. KOIOS O.E." create an environment of high aesthetics and functionality in the interior design of each space. With excellent build quality and durability, they are an ideal choice for any indoor use.

Trust Evangelos Pantazis Technical Office for the purchase and installation of internal LAMINATE doors "D.& D. KOIOS O.E." and create a space that combines functionality and aesthetics with excellent quality and reliability.