Armored Doors

Armored doors
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Standard Equipment Features:

  • Double metal case electrostatically painted for increased durability and weather protection.
  • Single or double shielding with 1mm electro-galvanized sheet metal for enhanced protection.
  • Italy Securemme brand 5-lock lock with 4 safe keys for high security.
  • 14 perimeter locks with steel fire for increased strength.
  • Double rubbers for effective tightness.
  • Lock protection plate for extra security.
  • Partial opening mechanism for extra functionality.
  • Two adjustable hinges for smooth operation.
  • Windbreak for effective weather protection.
  • External knob and internal handle for easy operation and ergonomics.
  • With a door panel made of two MDF sheets with A' quality veneer and wall paneling with a 16mm thick frame, our armored doors are distinguished by their aesthetics and their durability over time.
The safety and security of your space is always a priority. With the armored doors from the company "D.& D. KOIOS O.E.", which sells the Evangelos Pantazis Technical Office in Komotini, you can feel security and confidence in your space. With full standard equipment and high manufacturing quality, our armored doors meet the strictest security requirements.

Trust the Evangelos Pantazis Technical Office for the purchase and installation of "D.& D. KOIOS O.E." armored doors. and secure your space with quality and confidence.