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Profile system

  • 76 mm system with multi-chamber geometry
  • Energy and cost savings in perfect balance
  • Top home comfort with excellent thermal insulation and effective sound insulation
  • Protection from rain and moisture thanks to high waterproofing
  • Anti-burglary protection according to DIN EN 1627 up to resistance class RC 2 with suitable mechanisms
  • Ideal for new construction and renovations

The Evangelos Pantazis Technical Office in Komotini presents GEALAN's innovative exterior frames, which represent the ultimate evolution in the field of windows. With technology that exceeds all previous expectations, these frames combine aesthetic appearance with high performance and durability.

Design and Technical Properties:
The design of the profile is of critical importance for the technical properties of the window. GEALAN frames have profiles developed down to the last detail to offer high thermal insulation, sound insulation, burglary protection and ventilation. GEALAN profiles are characterized by a 15° slope projection, giving a timeless look and durability.

Materials and Lifespan:
GEALAN frames are made of quality materials that have been tested for many years, ensuring a long life and resistance to climatic and environmental influences. In addition, GEALAN frames provide easy maintenance and cleaning, requiring minimal attention.

Profile system
  • Six-chamber profiles 74 mm thick
  • Sheet case surface at different levels
  • Iron reinforcements according to gealan specifications
  • Anti-burglary protection according to DIN EN 1627 up to resistance class RC2 with the corresponding mechanisms
  • More comfort and effective sound insulation with the use of multiple chambers

Protection and Comfort:
GEALAN frames ensure not only thermal and sound insulation, but also safety and comfort in your space. They offer protection against noise ingress and corrosion, maintaining heat and a clean living atmosphere.

Sustainable Construction:
GEALAN profiles are based on a closed material cycle, using exclusively recyclable materials. This makes them ideal for new and renovated buildings, helping to preserve the environment.




Trust the Evangelos Pantazis Technical Office for the selection and installation of innovative GEALAN exterior frames, and upgrade your space with quality and reliability.