Photovoltaic Systems

Photovoltaic systems
Evangelos Pantazis Civil Engineer AUTH | Komotini Technical Office

The Program "Photovoltaics on the roof", subsidizes households for the installation of PV systems with a storage system and farmers for the installation of PV systems with or without a storage system for self-consumption with the application of energy offset. 

In particular, the Program concerns:
Photovoltaic systems for electricity production with or without injection of electricity into the Grid in combination with an electricity storage system.

NET METERING has the ability to produce the electricity we consume ourselves, while at the same time remaining connected to the photovoltaic system network.

Thus, when production is greater than consumption, the excess production goes to the grid and is offset when production is insufficient.

The result of this is that we ZERO THE POWER BILL and pay only the fixed costs.

For farmers there is the possibility of virtual NET METERING, i.e. placing photovoltaics in a remote area.

Our company completely undertakes the procedure for the licensing of Net metering.
With full experience and knowledge in the subject, he undertakes the entire process
More detail:
  Planning and study of the investment for maximum performance
  Submission of an application for a connection offer to DEDDIE
  Signing of an energy sales contract at DEDDIE
  Supply and installation of all materials easily, quickly and economically

and our experienced team will diligently deal with your case promptly and thoroughly.